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There are a variety of Investment option in India which give the investors a good amount of return on investment like Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds and even Stock Trading through Demat Accounts. Fixed Deposits are the oldest and safest forms of investments with regular and stable returns and some of them even give you tax benefits such as the Fixed Deposits which are done for a term of 5 years or more.

Mutual Fund Investments have gained popularity recently and these investments have become easier with the introduction of various digital modes. Mutual Funds have a very volatile rate of return with mild to very high return depending upon the funds and term of investments. On the other hand, Stock Trading through Demat Accounts need an expertise to avoid making any sort of losses. You must be quick in decision making and need to have a strong market understanding to get the best return on investments. At we give you a lot of investment options to help you maintain a strong investment portfolio.