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Equity Oriented


1 year - -0.94%
2 years - 9.10%
3 years - 15.72%

Minimum Investment

Rs. 2000

Expense Ratio:

  • 2.22% Per Annum

Features & Benefits:

  • Invest both in equity and Debt 
  • Get regular money over a long period 
  • Enjoy Big returns of 15.72% at the end of 5 years
  • Contains more than 27 crores Assets in the scheme

About SBI Equity Hybrid Fund - Regular Growth:

SBI Equity Hybrid Fund - Regular Growth is an open ended scheme providing dual benefits of investing in both higher returns equity market and risk management debt market. It regular consistent money over a long period with higher returns of 15.72% at the end of the scheme.

About the bank:

SBI is open-ended largest public sector bank in India and it is on the top when it comes of building trust among the Indians. Its 24,000+ branches and 59,000+ ATMs all over the nation caters different services like Loans, saving and deposit account, mutual funds and much more. SBI Equity Hybrid Fund-Regular Growth is the best option for all those who are ready to invest in both equity and debt market with the consistent return for the regular time period.