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Getting a profitable credit card is not an easy task now as the market is flooded with the tempting advertisements but will drop you with the lower returns at the end and when it comes to shopping with the credit card, you always hope for the quality cashback options. So, to get an amazing shopping experience, you need to first have a good cashback credit card in your pocket.

The cashback credit card not only comes with the return of money but also with the rewards points which can easily be redeemed in future as per your requirements. So, we have gathered information on some of the top cashback credit card in India.

Citibank Cashback Credit Card

Citibank which is known as the best corporate institutional internet bank is a subsidiary of Citi Group and its Citibank Cashback Credit Card comes with the just Rs. 500 annual fee charge maintenance. However, the cashback credit card required great credit score history but the benefits are worth to maintain it.


SBI Simply Click Credit Card

Known to be as the largest public sector bank, SBI is at the top when it comes to building trust among the Indians and within the 10 years of the launching of Credit Card, it enjoys more than 5 million credit card customers. SBI Simply Click Credit card is a cashback credit card with annual fee charge of Rs. 500 and it provides multiple benefits like bonus points, flat discounts on hotels and travel with complimentary domestic and international airport lounge access.


ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card

ICICI has emerged as India’s largest private sector bank of India and it is best known for their wide ranges of financial services and banking products to retail as well as corporate customers. The ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Cashback Credit Card provided by the bank comes with multiple perks including fuel surcharge waiver, insurance protection in case of any fraud and payback points attached with exciting gifts.


Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

The UK based bank caters multinational banking and financial services at 70+ countries and its Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium cashback Credit Card gives cashbacks on fuel, utility bills and telephone bills and 5X rewards points on overseas spending.


HDFC Bank Moneyback Credit Card

HDFC Bank is the second largest private sector bank after ICICI in India as it provides the best quality products and financial services to each and every corner around the globe. It provides best cashback credit cards including HDFC Bank Moneyback Credit Card which gives rewards points on every spending with the redeem option available.